HEA Code of Ethics and Accord


Office Bearers, Committee Members,
and Volunteers on Subcommittees of the HEA


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As an Office Bearer, Committee Member or Volunteer of the HEA, in addition to the Code of Conduct for Members, I commit to the HEA Code of Ethics and agree to the Accord as follows: 

  1. I will conduct myself and discharge my duties for the benefit of the Association and in strict accordance with its constitution, objects, mission, pillars, policies, and principles. 

  2. I will not hold a position inimical to home education.

  3. I will endeavour to be aware of my presentation in words and manner when communicating as a representative of the Association. I will endeavour to not do anything which could bring the Association or its members into disrepute.

  4. I will maintain impartiality with regard to all types of home education and represent the association faithfully in this regard. 

  5. As I discharge my duties and make decisions, I will do so free of discrimination of any kind, recognising that the Association’s members have varied ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, religious or non-religious views, sexual orientations, genders, and philosophical perspectives on home education. 

  6. I will support and uphold parents' rights to determine their child's unique educational pathways. 

  7. I will endeavour to not allow parenting or educating styles to become an object of discontent in the association.

  8. I will uphold members’ rights and follow due process when responding to complaints or managing disagreements between members.

  9. I will maintain strict confidentiality when holding members details, and use only in relation to association business.

  10. I will maintain strict integrity in matters financial pertaining to the association, operating with transparency and duty.

  11. I will aim to protect and preserve association property that is within my care.

  12. I will act in accordance with the copyright laws when producing documents or promotional material in any form or medium for the Association. 

  13. I agree to work with a voluntary spirit and any work done or created by me as a volunteer for the HEA, will become the intellectual property of the HEA to be used in the future even beyond my time volunteering for the association.

  14. I will endeavour to keep up to date with home education practices and legislative requirements.

  15. I will foster good working relationships, using positive and constructive approaches with government and educational institutions, working towards home education legislation and regulations that reflect and achieve equity for home educators.

  16. I will only communicate on behalf of the HEA in accordance with the position and delegated authority given to me by the HEA Committee. 

  17. I understand and agree that promotion of goods must be in some way to the benefit of the Association and will not show favouritism towards particular businesses, including businesses which other home educating families work for or own.

  18. I will not use the HEA for my own personal financial or business gain.

  19. I will not use the HEA and/or its events and services to promote personal beliefs, behaviours or practices where they are incompatible with the HEA Constitution, Objects, Mission, Pillars or Codes.

  20. When exercising my HEA duties or making decisions for the HEA, I will consider and disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may potentially affect my decision making, including working for any political parties or homeschool businesses. Disclosure will be made to the Secretary following the policy “Disclosure of Conflicts of Interests''.

The Volunteer Code of Ethics and Accord will be made available to Committee members and Volunteers prior to their official acceptance of their HEA role.  Accepting their role, means they have agreed to abide by this accord.                                                                   

The Code of Ethics was reviewed for an update by the 2020-2021 Management Committee in February 2021.  

This version was approved on 9 March 2021.

Previous Code of Ethics - Version 2019