HEA Membership includes insurance cover for:

  • Parents organising Events for homeschooling group activities
  • Students wanting to do Work Experience
  • Also charitable / non-profit certificate to gain possible venue discounts

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COVID-19 Announcement: As we are all aware the Covid-19 situation continues to affect many parts of our lives, and the advice is changing daily. 

As of yesterday (16/3/20), NSW Health recommends that everyone practises social distancing. This means avoiding large groups and crowds, as well as small gatherings in enclosed spaces. Many group activities held by home educators would fall into one of these categories.Accordingly, the HEA recommends that members refrain from holding gatherings. 

We have checked with the insurance company yesterday, and the broker has advised that as the HEA’s cover is for any claims arising from an act of negligence, if organisers follow government recommended guidelines they would be covered.  Therefore for now, if you are having a gathering of less than 500 people, this would not be considered negligent.

You can get reliable, up to date information on the NSW Health website, and on Government Health Websites in other states.  

Parent Organisers of Events

Sport and Event Public & Property Liability - More Information HERE

  • $20 million Public Liability Insurance for the Organiser of Events including sports and any other occupation incidental thereto or associated therewith, including ownership and/or occupation of premises. 
  • Volunteer Accident Policy for the Parent Organiser
  • Additional Western Australia third party work cover included.

Members can submit their Event here.


Student Work Experience Insurance

Volunteer Personal Accident Cover - More Information HERE

  • Home educated students 10 years old and over can access the Personal Accident cover as a Volunteer Worker.
  • The student must be strictly volunteer - no remuneration whatsoever.
  • Limited $10,000 up to $1,000,000 cover, Death or Injury.
  • The work supervisor/employer should carry their own Public Liability insurance.

Submit your child's work experience placement here.

Email insurance@hea.edu.au if you have any issues registering your insurance event, or if you have any questions.

NOTE: Our personal accident policy for volunteers is currently under review. Please read the below information carefully.

  • Currently covered: office and clerical type work, shop assistance, and observing professionals at work in their practice rooms – but not necessarily assisting with that work, especially if this involves animals, children, machinery or farm equipment. For example, observing a tradesperson such as a mechanic, is okay, but actively participating in mechanical work is not covered by the HEA insurer.
  • Not currently covered, but potentially insurable in future at a higher premium: direct involvement in café work, building and carpentry, childcare, veterinary assistance, various trade-related work like plumbing, carpentry and electrical assistance, depending on the particular activities involved.
  • Not able to be insured by this insurer at all: mechanical repair work, tyre-changing, metal fabrication, tooling procedures, aircraft maintenance or restoration, operating farm machinery, equine-related work and blacksmithing.

If you are uncertain about whether your placement will be covered by the HEA’s insurance, please contact Lynda at insurance@hea.edu.au


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