The HEA is a not-for-profit, registered charity. ACNC Registered Charity Logo

Membership fees go towards helping all Australian homeschoolers.

Fees go towards advocating for the rights of home educators, free phone and email support, registration support, and running events for our 850 member families. 

Our annual memberships are low cost with an immediate value of over $200 plus up to another $1500 in savings on Online Discounts with our Educational Partners. These and other benefits can be found on our Member Benefits page.

1-year Family membership averages to just $4.20/month!

Steps to taking out a membership:

  1. Please read through and familiarise yourself with the HEA Code of Conduct and Constitution and Acceptance Policy as agreeing to these are a condition of membership. Also

  2. Fill out the Application Form below AND

  3. Pay for your membership by adding the membership subscription to your Basket above.

  4. Create a website login when going through Shopping Cart.


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The HEA is a not-for-profit, registered Australian Charity. Your membership fees go towards helping all homeschoolers.